Nihilism or something else
nearly nothingnothingsomething

Website of Henrik G Dahle: artist / writer / film maker / other...
...who tries to make the world better against the odds

I write and produce film, theatre, music video, documentary, arts, design, web. Directing and making / building - using my hands and computers.
I'm a creative consultant, ear / soundboard.
Given the situation I don't see the point in working on projects that aren't a part of the solution. Thanks.
I'm available some of the time. Try me.

My CV and inside the window to my soul

Email Henrik: contact [ a t ] gauntlettandson dot com
Phone: (UK) +44 (0) seven761eight05900


Uptrees crowd fund


The traced dendrochronological rings of the Trafalgar Sq Christmas tree, sent to Puneet Dadu - a carpenter in India who mades a print block master piece. I print with it.
I'll sell you a print.
Some stuff I've done, doing, want to do / complete...
Explosions Do Happen In Space.

with artist Helen Plumb.
Yesterday Tomorrow is the working title for a feature script written by HG Dahle
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What we needed

What we always wanted

Out of date fiction showreel

actor showreel _ Woody James DOP

Out of date doc showreel

Short Version

Long version

INC. Feature film Script.
Yesterday Tomorrow is the working title for a feature script written by HG Dahle
Acracia. Feature film Script.
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Free Troll
Children's story for Sophie
Project: plant my life's weight in CO2.
Tree planting

I like wikipedia
The tale of the Butterfant and the Elephly
Children's story collaboration

I'm dead serious

If we don't change
these are the last days of
our species

Project: plant my life's weight in CO2.
things could be different


The Last Line. A newish play by Henrik G Dahle
It's not new any more

Pop stars

I'm a pop star


Studio Digital Art

Graphic stuff

Pop stars
  More or less coming soon

The Snail Surgeon




More, or less coming soon

P.S. ...Gauntlett and Son?
This was the 'company' name I began giving to my films in 2002. I had also seen a documentary about a 1950's regional film studio in the UK, who made themselves appear bigger than they were, in order to compete with established London film studios; they made up names in the credits and such. This was partly my motivation since I was chasing my childhood dream of becoming a successful director. Conversely however, - I was never comfortable with the arrogance of a director claiming a film as solely 'theirs'; film making is utterly collaborative.